Blackjack Can Be Beat

Blackjack Can Be Beat

The main reason Blackjack is so popular in the casinos is because it has been proven that casino Blackjack can be beaten. Now, it is important for your to understand why the game of Blackjack can be beaten. Once you understand ‘how’ it can be beaten ‘it’ becomes easier to do.

As you are aware the casino offers more than Blackjack. They also offer Slot Machines, Craps, Roulette, Baccarat and some a ‘big six wheel’. However, Blackjack differs from these games in that each and every card that is dealt will change the out come of the next hand. Unlike the other games which are games based on independent trials. In other words, the next roll of the dice or the next spin of the roulette wheel will not affect the next. I know, I know, people will tell you they have systems to beat these games and I am here to tell you that the house has a permanent advantage that, in the long run, will take their money.

For example, in the game of Craps, there are certain probabilities that can be calculated for rolling a pair of dice, not unlike flipping a coin. In Craps, the odds of rolling a 7 are 5 to 1. These odds do not change and are consistent. If a player throws a 7 on throw one and then throws a 7 on throw two the odds of him throwing a third 7 are just the same, 5 to 1. No matter how many times the dice are thrown he has the same chance to roll another 7.

One glaring characteristic of all ‘independent trial’ processes casino games is that there is NO betting system that can overcome the house edge. These games are negative expectation games. In other words, the old adage about coming out ahead in the long-run just isn’t true. It simply cannot be done.

So, how can Blackjack be beaten? Simple, the outcome of the next hand is dependent on the cards removed from the deck from the previous hand.

For example, suppose you are playing alone against the dealer in a one deck game. The dealer deals you a 5, then deals himself a 10. Miraculously the next card you are dealt is another 5. Now, you must take a hit. After all, you only have a ten. So you take another hit and guess what, you get a 5! Too bad you weren’t playing poker. What do you think you chances are of drawing another 5 would be? Remember in one deck of cards there are 52 cards and 4 of them are fives and you have 3 of them in front of you.

Now this is an extreme example, but one I chose to prove my point. The outcome of any hand in Blackjack is DEPENDENT on the cards that have already been played.

A skilful player who understands how the removal of one card from the deck will affect the outcome of the next hand can beat the game of Blackjack. So why would the casinos offer Blackjack if it can be beaten? After all they make their money because people lose. Vegas was not built on winners, it was built on losers.

Remember, it is the skillful player that can beat Blackjack. Fortunately for the casinos, most players do not want to take the time to learn or study the game the way they should in order to become a skilful player. Because the majority of players lose and a few skillful players win, the casino will continue to make money from the game of Blackjack.