Blackjack – D’Alembert System

Blackjack – D’Alembert System

Blackjack - D'Alembert System

This is a progression that was originally designed for Roulette but has been adopted by some blackjack players. It was designed for use on even bet chances, i.e. 50/50. This is a blackjack strategy that incorporates a mixture of the Martingale and a form of an Insurance system. Bets are raised one unit after each losing bet and lowered one unit after each winning bet. The sequence and amount raised or lowered can be varied to suit particular games and odds.

A typical betting session could look like this:

Bet 1 unit and lose. Your second bet would be 2 units. If you win then your next bet would be 1 unit and if you lost your second bet your next wager would be 3 units. Continuing the progression by assuming the second bet was won: bet2, win and bet 1, lose and bet 2, lose and bet 3, lose again, bet 4, win, bet 3, ad infinitum.

The system is complete when you win a one unit bet and you are up at least one unit.

D’Alembert gives you two bonuses over the Martingale, firstly you do not increase your bets as rapidly which gives you the chance to stop a session and accept a small to medium loss. Secondly, you can find that your bankroll is positive before a session is complete, this give you the option to cut short a session with a small win. The downside is that a session can last for many spins, so you should always give yourself time to run through a full session. The main problem is that which is related to all progressive systems – you will win little and often but when you lose it will probably wipe out all previous winnings and eat into your main bankroll.

As with all progressive systems you must be very careful when you use them, the d’Alembert is not as dangerous as the Martingale but it can still be the cause of very large losses.

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