Blackjack Systems Explained

Blackjack Systems Explained

There are many blackjack systems available today. Many of them I am sure you are aware of and may have even used. This page will give you a brief overview of the many blackjack systems used and links to where you can find more information on each.

One of the most popular of the blackjack systems is the progression. Progressions are easy to learn and come in a variety of flavors. A progression is a systems where you raise your bet after learning the outcome of the previous bet. There are two main forms of progressions, positive and negative. Positive progressions have you raise your bet after a win and negative progressions will have you raise your bet after a loss.

One of the most popular negative progressions is the Martingale. One of the most common positive progressions can be found here.

Besides the progression system, blackjack systems range in variety and uniqueness. It seems that just about every player has tried to develop his or her own system one time or another to determine if they would give them an edge over the casino. The most well known system is card counting. Although in and of itself, card counting may not be considered a system, when coupled with a playing strategy and betting strategy it can be one of the most useful ways to defeat the casino. Unfortunately, it cannot be used to beat the online casino.

A few other blackjack systems worth mentioning that are in common use today are they La Bouchere System and the D’Alembert System. The D’Alembert system may be familiar to you in that is has you raise your bets after a loss and decrease them after a win. But unlike the Martingale system, when you increase your bet, you only increase or decrease it one unit. The La Bouchere System is a little more complicated but still a progression at the very least. It has you create a series of numbers and you use that series of numbers to create your betting strategy.

There is a common belief that progressions do not allow you to win. In fact they will just cause you to lose at the same rate as a flat bettor would using normal basic strategy. In other words when you use a progression, you will lose at a rate of .5% against the casinos. If you stray from any of the basic strategy plays, you will lose an even larger percentage or your wagers.

There is a another side to the argument that believes that you can win with one of these systems with money management and a strict game plan. Those that believe you cannot win are the card counting group and they believe you cannot win because no matter what you do you cannot over come the house advantage with a betting system alone. They believe you have to vary your bet with the count. Counting cards is simply tracking a ratio of which cards have been played and using that information against the house. However, the other side believes that you can indeed win with a progression. I encourage both sides to visit the Blackjack Forum where all beliefs can be shared and tested.

If you would like to learn more about any one of these systems, please click the links above and if you would like to learn even more about a majority of the systems and their outcomes, I encourage you to read ” The Definitive Guide to Blackjack “.