Blackjack Systems

Blackjack Systems

Simply put, a betting system is a way of using money management to maximize your profits. No matter what technique or method you use to give yourself an edge at the blackjack table, if you don’t manage your money properly you will probably walk away a loser.

Card counting and cluster counting, as mentioned elsewhere on this site, includes its own type of betting system. IE: Increase your bet size two to three times your original bet when conditions favor the probability of receiving a winning hand.

But what if you are strictly a basic strategy player? Besides the obvious bank roll increases experienced by doubling down and splitting your cards, what method should you use to increase your chances of walking away a winner?

Over to the left you will see all the different systems that have been used at one time or another by casino blackjack players. I do not endorse any particular system. The real key to winning with any system is to use it faithfully along with basic strategy.

  1. Shuffle Tracking
  2. Card Counting
  3. Martingale System
  4. Paroli System
  5. Progressive 2 Levels
  6. Progressive 5 Levels
  7. La Bouchere System
  8. D’Alembert System
  9. Online System
  10. Easy To Learn System