Learn to Play Blackjack

Learn to Play Blackjack

One of the easiest ways I found to learn to play blackjack was to read as much as I could. Initially, I started to play blackjack because I heard that it was the only game where the player could actually get an advantage over the casino. This page will attempt to help you learn so that you too can have an advantage over the casino.

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I have also started a forum where you can go and discuss ways to play the game of blackjack with other blackjack players. I recommend that you tell your friends about this forum so that your friends may also learn to play blackjack by discussing the game with other enthusiasts such as yourself.

When I began my quest to learn to play, I began surfing the Internet as you are apparently doing. You’ll find, everything you need to know on my site. However, I am not the only website offering free information relating to the game of blackjack. As you have probably discovered, many of the sites on the Internet simply regurgitate the same information. I have created this website to contain new information for free that you may have had to pay for in the past. I have tried to keep the advertising to a minimum. However, in order to keep this site free I encourage you to visit one of my sponsors.

As promised, here is the information to help you play better. I cannot stress this enough, you need to learn proper basic strategy. Basic strategy is simply the best way to play any given hand you will encounter in the game of blackjack. For example, let’s say you were dealt an Ace and a 6. This is commonly referred to as a soft 17. How would you play this hand?

Do you think that taking another card ( hitting ) would be the proper play? Or do you suppose that standing would be the proper play? In order to know the answer you have to know a basic strategy. Basic strategy tells you how to play this hand when the dealers showing any one of his possible ” up ” cards. In order to play this hand properly you have to know what the dealers up card is. For example, the dealer can have any one of 13 cards as his ” up ” card. Basic strategy tells you without a doubt what the proper play would be.

If you want to play blackjack so that you can win you must learn basic strategy. As I mentioned earlier, I have read as much as I can on the game on blackjack. Below, is a list of my favorite books that I have read and that helped me become a better blackjack player:

  • Professional Blackjack
  • Theory of Blackjack
  • Worlds Greatest Blackjack Book
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