Progressive Betting on Blackjack

Progressive Betting on Blackjack

Does progressive betting on blackjack work? Many of your die-hard ” card-counters ” believe, and rightly so that card counting is the only way to achieve an advantage over the casino. Card counting, which is a misnomer, does indeed work. The only question that has not been clearly answered is whether or not progressive betting on blackjack actually works.

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As I mentioned in my first paragraph, progression betting has still not been definitively proven that it does not work. Many mathematicians have used computer simulations to show that progression betting does not work. However, computer simulations as great as they are, cannot always be used to determine if a particular method works.

Although weathermen routinely are able to accurately forecast the weather, using computer simulations, there are times they are incorrect. And like your weatherman, I believe that computer simulations do not always accurately reflect what can be achieved when it comes to progression betting.

There are some progression betting on blackjack systems that have been proven that they do not work. One such system is called the Martingale System. This system is commonly referred to as the ” double up ” system.

The Martingale works in the following way: if you place a bet of one unit and lose, your next bet would be two units. Should you lose your two unit bet you would then have to place a bet of four units. This would continue until you won. Once you won a hand, this series would start all over with you placing a bet for the minimum, one unit. You would continue placing one unit bets until you lose when once again you begin the system of doubling your bet.

Because this system actually does work, the casinos have put table limits in place. Because you cannot place bets to infinity, the casino stops this system from working. In some cases it would only take you a loss of seven hands in a row before you would hit the table maximum. Losing seven hands in a row is not uncommon and happens frequently enough that you will come out a loser.

Now as far as other progression systems, it is unclear as to whether or not they actually work. I have tested a few progression systems and it appears to me that some appear to win while others do not appear to win. Since I cannot, with a hundred percent accuracy, tell you that progression systems do not work, I won’t.

However, I do encourage you to visit the forum and place the information you have about a particular progression system so that others may be able to test your system to see if it works.

Listed below, you’ll find links to some of the more popular progressive betting on blackjack books available. Once you have reviewed those books and determined which on you would like, I encourage you to test your system by clicking on the blackjack button below where you will be taken to an Online Casino were you can play for free.

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